1. Celebrate the Olympics with Art from BRAZIL

    by Laurie Ahner


    With the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro upon us, and all the talk about Brazil in the news, Galerie Bonheur is proud to present our collection of folk art from this controversial country, with a special exhibit and SALE for the month of August.

    Brazilian Art, Galerie Bonheur

    Many of these rare works of art have been reduced in price to entice your interest in making a purchase for your collection. Most of these artworks are now nearly impossible to find or they reside currently in museums.


    I first visited Brazil in 1983, as an art collector and new gallery owner. I found it to be an exciting, colorful, and upbeat place, with sights and sounds that captivated me daily. My travel companions and I had an airline pass that took us to almost every major city and part of the country. We were on a quest to find folk art, culture, beauty and unique experiences, which we found in abundance.


    Brazilian Art, Galerie Bonheur
    After my first visit to Brazil, having fallen in love with the country, I organized an exhibit of the marvelous artworks that I had been fortunate to find. The venue was a Citibank Branch in Manhattan, New York City, and our sponsor was the Brazilian Cultural Society. We sold out the show at the Opening Night Gala! I returned toBrazil many times, most recently in 2007, and never tire of visiting this sensational land.

    Brazilian Art, Galerie Bonheur

    Rio de Janeiro is probably the most beautiful city I have ever seen in my many years of global travel. The beaches are amazing, the mountains and major tourist sights are the stuff of dreams. The people are outgoing, cheerful, and fun. Native Brazilians are plucky and passionate folks, they love to talk, laugh, and have a good time. They are also fast drivers and love to argue, push the envelope, and go to the limit.


    The culture of Brazil is of a richly diverse nature, combining an ethnic mix from the Colonial period involving Indigenous, Portuguese, and African people. Thus Brazil is a melting pot of races and history, resulting in a plethora of popular artistic expression in many traditions including dance, song, food, theatre, literature and of course folk art and crafts. A wealth of folk art and handicrafts has arisen from the different regions of this vast land and is celebrated time and again in museums, exhibitions, galleries, and private collections.


    This month we present to our friends and clients some of the incredible, rich folk art that I have found during my 6 trips to Brazil over the past 32 years. These works of art show the passion, diversity, and spiritual nature of the people and talented artists ofBrazil. I hope that while watching the Olympians compete in this unique place, you will also relish a peak at Brazilian culture through the eyes of folk artists from this diverse nation.


    ENJOY !!


  2. Art from Guatemala: Hand Hooked Rugs, Textiles & Shawls, and Beaded Bracelets

    by Laurie Ahner

    I have visited Guatemala 10 times over a period of 20 years. It is one of my favorite countries, and I find myself returning as many times as possible. I have taken thousands of photos there, and I find it to be a photographer’s paradise. I have even published a book about this land: What Color is Joy? Guatemala. (*Can be ordered.) The textiles, arts and crafts that I buy there are treasures to be cherished forever. I happily share them with you!


    HandHooked Rugs - Guatemala, Galerie Bonheur


    These colorful hand hooked rugs are specially designed and created in a small village in Guatemala by Mayan women. There are currently more than 20 artists making the rugs, which are unique and one of a kind. To make the rugs, the ladies take old T-shirts and dye them into bright colors, which are then used in the original designs which each individual artisan develops and fabricates on her own. As a result, each rug has its own particular character and personality.

    Textiles, Guatemala, Galerie Bonheur
    Natural and organic textiles and art to wear created by Guatemalanvillagers on Lake Atitlan. These textiles…. shawls, scarves, ponchos, bags, and other accessories, are made exclusively by a coop of ladies who need the money to raise their families.
    I visited this coop 6 years ago when it first got started, and I return every year. Their progress has been dynamic and amazing. Whenever I purchase their fine quality products, the ladies show me their genuine gratitude and tell me how important their success is to the health and welfare of their families. I buy from them because they excel at this particular work….. blackstrap weaving from natural cotton fibers dyed and woven into special textiles.

    Beaded Bracelets, Guatemala, Galerie Bonheur
    These lovely and unique beaded bracelets are created by these wonderful ladies in a small village on Lake Atitlan in Guatemala. Each bracelet is hand made, with special stones and crystals. The lady artisans use the money they make from the bracelets to feed their children and send them to school.
    We gave them some T-shirts from the USA, collected by my grandchildren at their school, for which the artisans were very grateful.


  3. Recently Acquired: Vintage Masterpieces by Amos Ferguson

    by Laurie Ahner

    I recently spent a week in England where I was fortunate to discover these four vintage paintings by Amos Ferguson.
    These brilliant and captivating works of art are extremely special for many reasons:
     Amos_NoahAndThe Ark


    They were created in the 1960’s when Amos had just started his career as an artist.
    They were purchased directly from Amos during his days of selling his art at the markets in downtown Nassau, near Paradise Island. They have remained in the same collection for over 45 years and are in excellent condition, preserved for posterity.



    The works are fresh and spontaneous. This was Amos at his best, when he knew he had been divinely inspired by God. Amos always said that his talent was a gift from his Creator, and his work has a spiritual quality that is distinctive and refreshing.




    The many details and the inclusion of multiple animals in the “Noah” painting, the charming pink hats on the 3 kings in “Bethlehem,” the bold and uninhibited rendition of Adam and Eve” crowded by so many bright red apples and the intense and vivid red colors in the compelling work “Red Sails” comprise a most appealing, winsome and irresistible sense of composition and design that comes through profoundly.



    These paintings are radiant in their color and their message. A distinct ardor emanates from these works, which  are a true reflection of the character of the artist himself: his deep pride and independence, his tenderness and original vision, his generosity and his strong faith.


    I have been collecting and selling the art of Amos Ferguson for over 30 years. Amos became a dear friend of mine; I am proud to offer these incomparable and superior examples of this Master artist’s unique style and spirit.



    See more artwork by Amos Ferguson here.



  4. Black History Month

    To celebrate Black History Month, we are featuring noteworthy Black artists, and selected artworks by both Black and White artists that signify the Black history and culture. Please inquire.


    (b. Alabama, 1947)
    The depiction of torture and lynching is heart-wrenching, yet her tremendous compassion and sorrow overwhelmingly permeate the severe subject of slavery in the South.
    (Trinidad, Boscoe: 1921 – 2007; Geoffrey: 1930 – 2014)
    Although the Holder brothers are originally from Trinidad, they left a remarkable legacy in the arts of America as multi-talented Black artists.


    Hampton’s abstract artworks reflect his quest to find totality. As a pioneer in Visual Arts, he makes visual statements about the mutable reality which challenges and redeems the human spirit. Hampton has been the subject of many publications, and his work is in the collection of Saint Louis Art Museum.
    (b. Georgia, 1941)
    Kennedy paints from her memory of her life in the South as a sharecropper. Her life seemed never easy in reality, nonetheless, the tone of her artwork is light, blissful and innocent. Her Black neighbor, Miss Daisy, who often appears in her work, certainly plays an important role in her life as well.


    (b. Missouri, 1972)
    Norton carefully examines the American social issues in his art: Black and Native American history, racism, and gun violence, to name a few. The subject is generally harsh yet his work resonates gentle and thoughtful feelings because of his meticulous drawing techniques and the use of sensible composition of figures and abstract textured patterns.


  5. Recently Acquired Mary Whitfield

    We just have welcomed these amazing artworks by Mary Whitfield! Please inquire!


    Mary & Bessie. Watercolor, gouache on Arches paper. 5 x 12 inches (Framed:13 x 22-1/2 inches).



    Grieving for David. Watercolor, gouache on Arches paper, and mixed media. 6-1/2 x 22 inches (Framed: 14-1/2 x 30-1/2 inches).


    Above All Things Put Love. Watercolor and gouache on Arches paper. 7-1/2 x 9-1/2 inches (Framed: 16 x 18 inches).