Galerie Bonheur has specialized in International Folk Art since 1980. This includes art called self-taught, outsider, primitive, naïve, art brut, visionary, intuitive, and so on. We feature art from Guatemala, Venezuela, Brazil, Romania, Poland, Russia, Africa, India, Southeast Asia, the Caribbean Islands, Central America, the United States, & many more.

We have recently moved and expanded to three locations: Stuart - Florida (Palm City), Santa Fe - New Mexico (the Foothills), and St Louis - Missouri (Clayton). We also have branches in Pittsburgh and Dallas!

Be sure to check out our sale page for great art from around the world at very reasonable price. Click HERE to visit our SALE PAGE. Check back with us often, because we are adding new artists and pieces every day. Email us at gbonheur@aol.com with any questions, comments, join our mailing list, or make an appointment to visit. Enjoy experiencing our colorful artwork from around the world!

CONTACT: Laurie Ahner (Diretor/Owner): (mobile) 314-409-6057, (email) gbonheur@aol.com

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Consultation, Evaluation, and Appraisals:

Galerie Bonheur is willing to do a consultation and/ or evaluation regarding any of the artists we represent in our gallery, (or any others we know about or have represented in the past, and about whom we have written information).

We will send a quick email with the information for a minimal charge of $25.00. If the client would like more information with documents, articles, price history etc the charge will go up accordingly. 

For a more formal, official, and hard copy write-up , evaluation or appraisal we charge $100. and up depending on the value and the time involved. (*To be determined upon receipt of the photos and provenance, condition report etc)

Payments are to be paid upfront either with a credit card or paypal.



Galerie Bonheur is willing to list your artwork for sale on our website, upon our approval and acceptance, for a small fee: The minimal listing fee is $49.00.

If we sell your artwork our commission ranges from 25% up to 50% depending on the worth of the item sold.

This commission will be determined at the time by Galerie Bonheur. The owner will be encouraged to give Galerie Bonheur a NET price that he/ she would like to realize upon the SALE.