Recently Acquired: Vintage Masterpieces by Amos Ferguson

by Laurie Ahner

I recently spent a week in England where I was fortunate to discover these four vintage paintings by Amos Ferguson.
These brilliant and captivating works of art are extremely special for many reasons:
 Amos_NoahAndThe Ark


They were created in the 1960’s when Amos had just started his career as an artist.
They were purchased directly from Amos during his days of selling his art at the markets in downtown Nassau, near Paradise Island. They have remained in the same collection for over 45 years and are in excellent condition, preserved for posterity.



The works are fresh and spontaneous. This was Amos at his best, when he knew he had been divinely inspired by God. Amos always said that his talent was a gift from his Creator, and his work has a spiritual quality that is distinctive and refreshing.




The many details and the inclusion of multiple animals in the “Noah” painting, the charming pink hats on the 3 kings in “Bethlehem,” the bold and uninhibited rendition of Adam and Eve” crowded by so many bright red apples and the intense and vivid red colors in the compelling work “Red Sails” comprise a most appealing, winsome and irresistible sense of composition and design that comes through profoundly.



These paintings are radiant in their color and their message. A distinct ardor emanates from these works, which  are a true reflection of the character of the artist himself: his deep pride and independence, his tenderness and original vision, his generosity and his strong faith.


I have been collecting and selling the art of Amos Ferguson for over 30 years. Amos became a dear friend of mine; I am proud to offer these incomparable and superior examples of this Master artist’s unique style and spirit.



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