Celebrate the Olympics with Art from BRAZIL

by Laurie Ahner


With the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro upon us, and all the talk about Brazil in the news, Galerie Bonheur is proud to present our collection of folk art from this controversial country, with a special exhibit and SALE for the month of August.

Brazilian Art, Galerie Bonheur

Many of these rare works of art have been reduced in price to entice your interest in making a purchase for your collection. Most of these artworks are now nearly impossible to find or they reside currently in museums.


I first visited Brazil in 1983, as an art collector and new gallery owner. I found it to be an exciting, colorful, and upbeat place, with sights and sounds that captivated me daily. My travel companions and I had an airline pass that took us to almost every major city and part of the country. We were on a quest to find folk art, culture, beauty and unique experiences, which we found in abundance.


Brazilian Art, Galerie Bonheur
After my first visit to Brazil, having fallen in love with the country, I organized an exhibit of the marvelous artworks that I had been fortunate to find. The venue was a Citibank Branch in Manhattan, New York City, and our sponsor was the Brazilian Cultural Society. We sold out the show at the Opening Night Gala! I returned toBrazil many times, most recently in 2007, and never tire of visiting this sensational land.

Brazilian Art, Galerie Bonheur

Rio de Janeiro is probably the most beautiful city I have ever seen in my many years of global travel. The beaches are amazing, the mountains and major tourist sights are the stuff of dreams. The people are outgoing, cheerful, and fun. Native Brazilians are plucky and passionate folks, they love to talk, laugh, and have a good time. They are also fast drivers and love to argue, push the envelope, and go to the limit.


The culture of Brazil is of a richly diverse nature, combining an ethnic mix from the Colonial period involving Indigenous, Portuguese, and African people. Thus Brazil is a melting pot of races and history, resulting in a plethora of popular artistic expression in many traditions including dance, song, food, theatre, literature and of course folk art and crafts. A wealth of folk art and handicrafts has arisen from the different regions of this vast land and is celebrated time and again in museums, exhibitions, galleries, and private collections.


This month we present to our friends and clients some of the incredible, rich folk art that I have found during my 6 trips to Brazil over the past 32 years. These works of art show the passion, diversity, and spiritual nature of the people and talented artists ofBrazil. I hope that while watching the Olympians compete in this unique place, you will also relish a peak at Brazilian culture through the eyes of folk artists from this diverse nation.