Regine Gilbert

Regine Gilbert is a prolific, primitive painter who celebrates her own inner world with exuberant renderings of flowers, landscapes, and designs never seen in this world. we suspect that deep within the Austrian ancestry of blood Regine is a gypsy. How else does one successfully blend a somber and gay mysticism and dare to paint poppies the way she does, or to give us a sunrise which, for sheer madness, equals a Van Gogh? Yet, she maintains a fine balance between fact and fiction, which Van Gogh relinquished. Only gypsy could dramatize the bizarre and know when to come home to reality.

When Gilbert arrived in the United States in the mid-thirties, both her personality and her art came to the attention of the art world in New York. Her intent was to study in this new land of her choice, but she was advised to continue to develop her own particular genius. She took that advice and today numbers famous and elite among her ardent collectors.

In her work, there seems to be a happy unconcern with actual colors and contours. Yet, basically, she is a representational artist. Of recent years, Regine has given much of her time to research in the prismatic formula of the masters and has perfected a high-gloss, dimensional texture for light reflection. She paints at night, when the world is quiet and she can accomplish on canvas the visions seen only in dreams.