Support Gabriel Bien-Aimé: Brilliant Talent of Metalwork from Haiti

by Laurie Ahner

Dear friends and clients,

I am appealing to you on behalf of our wonderful and talented artist from Haiti, Gabriel Bien-Aimé.

I’ll be frank: he needs money to travel to Haiti to create artwork for the Santa Fe Folk Art Market in July 2023. This longstanding art fair showcases incredible folk artists from around the world, bringing thousands of visitors each year. Gabriel was one of the finest artists selected to exhibit this year. However, the current dire sociopolitical circumstances in Haiti prevented him from participating. Gabriel has been stuck in Boston, working manual labor at a restaurant to make ends meet. He hasn’t been able to make his art there; he needs to be at his studio in Haiti with his metal supplies and workers to help.

Haiti, Gabriel’s home country that he loves deeply, is currently in a dangerous state. Gang violence and poverty are rising at an alarming level. Although going into such a difficult situation would be risky for Gabriel, he wants to go nevertheless. He has his family there, and that’s where he creates his masterpieces. His family depends on his income from making and selling his art. Because Gabriel has not been able to go to Haiti for a year due to the dangers, he missed out on participating in the Market this year. Last year in 2021, Gabriel sold 39 works of art! That money has already been spent as he needed every dime.

Please support Gabriel by purchasing his artwork at our full price or making a fair offer! I promise that all the funds will go to Gabriel to help his trip to Haiti. 

Thank you for your continued generosity and purchases from Galerie Bonheur over the years!

Laurie Ahner
314-409-6057 (call/text)

See art by Gabriel Bien-Aime here

Young Gabriel making art from discarded metal in Haiti.