Support Haiti with a purchase of art! – 20% of Haitian art sales will be donated to Haitian charities

by Laurie Ahner

As everyone knows, HAITI was recently hit hard with Hurricane Matthew and thousands are homeless as a result. This special country which has given so much to me in terms of inspiration, appreciation, fulfillment in my career, not to mention wonderful art and friendships for a lifetime, is in dire need once more.

I started Galerie Bonheur with a collection of happy and colorful Haitian Art in 1980. The country and people have had my heart since that time, and I have enjoyed every day of this association and the many brilliant works of art that I have bought and sold over those 36 years. Therefore, I am moved to raise funds for Haiti again… I have done in the past.

Please purchase a piece of our Haitian Art now, at our best low price, and we will donate at least 20% to one of our favorite Haitian charities such as: Hope for HaitiMeds and Foods for KidsFondam, and Arts Foundation for Children of Haiti.

These funds go directly to help the people and children who are suffering from lack of food, clothing, housing and the basic needs of humanity. (Every dollar will go straight to those caring for victims. No dollars will be diverted for administrative needs as happens with many American relief agencies.)

I promise that you will not regret your purchase as it will bring you joy and pleasure for many years, and it will also help some Haitians to continue on their difficult path through life.

Many thanks, love and appreciation, and hugs from Haiti, and from Laurie, owner and director of Galerie Bonheur. ️️️️