Georges Valris

Georges Valris is a prominent Vodou flag maker, who resides in Port-au-Prince, was born in 1950, at Cavaillon. A practicing Catholic, he professes not to believe in Vodou. Prior to his artistic career, he worked from 1986 to 1988 as a stevedore on the cruise ship Vera Cruz, that sailed internationally. Returning to Port-au-Prince, he opened a workshop to make functional objects in straw and sisal and returned to flag making to support his growing family. “Georges is the only artist who uses fine fishing line, monofilament, instead of cotton or polyester thread, ensuring the longevity of his sequin works,” writes Tina Girouard in her book, Sequin Artists of Haiti. Valris is also noteworthy for taking the textile medium into ever-more-imaginative directions.


From “Masterpieces of Haitian Art: Seven Decades of Unique Visual Heritage” by Candice Russell. Schiffer Publications Ltd, 2013.